Cristian Nanculescu

Pictogramă Facebook coregraf dansator/performer

Choreographer and performer, born and based in Bucharest, Romania, with a background in Cartography, working mostly in the last years as performer for various long durational projects and site specific interventions in the context of visual arts. Having the opportunity to perform in places like like HAU Berlin, Tate Modern London, The State Russian Museum/St Petersburg, Venice Biennale, Center George Pompidou, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, Documenta Kassel, MUDAM Luxemburg, Museum of Maps Bucharest and others. As well for my personal projects and collaborations I work within the context of performance arts, staging different concepts, in which I use biographies, body movement, space, sound, video, lights, written and spoken text and different aesthetics and expressiveness, using mostly a minimal intervention in terms of scenography and props.