Solo in Progress

It is a “duplicated solo”, built on a mixture of autobiographical references, personal events and experiences. The duplicity is given by the presence of two performers on stage: myself and a second performer, both improvising on the same story with different approaches. In it I present a double perspective on a single personal story made of a multiplicity of narratives. The show can be perceived like a bipolar experience as a self-detachment and self-reattachment, as a composition of self-identity, as a confrontation with self-influences and their effects. It can be seen as an analysis and a dialogue with the self-critical thinking, a dive into physicality and movement quality, an ambiguous and irresponsible experience.

Trailer - stage performance - artistic residence
50-60 min
Cristian Nanculescu, Nicoleta Moise
Cristian Nanculescu, Nicoleta Moise, Oana Mardare,
Cristian Nanculescu, Nicoleta Moise
Centrul Natioanal al Dansului Bucuresti, Fabrica de Pensule